Why we charge what we charge 

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It’s no secret that marketing budgets have plummeted across the board. In 2021, Gartner reported that marketing budgets fell to their lowest recorded level, dropping to 6.4% of company revenue in 2021 from 11% in 2020.  

We understand that now, more than ever, spending your budget on any new marketing tool requires a great deal of careful consideration. You need to know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Ultimately, what you pay goes hand in hand with how happy you are with the product. 

We’re committed to helping you make the right buying decision, so that’s why we want to share, as clearly as possible how and why we charge what we do for our work. 

Quiz marketing pricing generally 

Most quiz marketing providers are online DIY applications. They can be dedicated quiz makers like ScoreApp, or form builders like Google Forms or Typeform that have a quiz function. These solutions are either free or have paid tiered subscriptions that vary greatly in price. They can start from around $20 a month and go as high as $250 a month, per user. While there is no initial flat fee with these options, the ongoing subscription costs can mount up. 

An alternative is to go with a marketing consultancy who offers a quiz solution, they often have a number of packages that include different levels of quiz strategy, design, build and management services. These consultants will often use a third-party quiz creation platform. Packages range from around $500 to $5000 upfront fee.  

A dedicated quiz marketing provider with their own proprietary technology will usually be at the higher end of the cost scale as they tend to offer more sophisticated features and customisation as well as a higher level of service, support, and expertise. 

What we charge  

Here is a full explainer of the packages we offer here at SMA Digital and their costs: 

The Ultimate Lead Magnet Quiz 

Setup: £2997 + VAT. Plus £75 per month + VAT for software licence, unlimited entries, and unlimited updates. Includes: 

  • Kick-off call 
  • ‘Six Step Content Quiz Document’ guided by us, with quiz content written by you 
  • Review of quiz content with suggestions for improvement 
  • Dynamic calls-to-action 
  • PDF report designed-for-you 
  • Results video script 
  • Results video editing done-for-you 
  • Quiz creation and all tech, done-for-you 
  • Connecting your quiz to your CRM 
  • Marketing Playbook 
  • 30-minute marketing of your quiz session 


  • Professional copywriter to write the quiz for you. Add £497 + VAT 
  • Professional actor to record your videos. Add £350 + VAT 
  • Customisation outside of core framework: If your vision for your quiz doesn’t fit our framework, we will quote upfront for the custom work involved 

Fully Custom 

Typical Price Range: £5000-£10,000 + VAT. Examples include: 

  • Archetype quizzes  
  • Membership “which lesson” quizzes 
  • Pricing calculators 
  • Onboarding processors 
  • Super surveys for client retention and upsells  

Industry Specific 

We partner with you to create your own Specialised Marketing Quiz revenue stream. Price on application. Ideal for: 

  • Franchisors 
  • Leaders in a particular niche/marketplace 
  • Organisations or groups in a particular industry 

What’s included with every package? 

Whichever package you go for, when you invest in an SMA Digital quiz, we look after virtually everything for you from strategy and design through to helping you get your quiz in front of the people who matter to you most. With every package you will receive: 

CRM connection 

Enabling you to access all your data in one place and analyse your quiz campaign performance against your other marketing efforts. 

Branding and design 

Choose fully bespoke branding or choose from our professionally designed templates that will set you up for success. 

Content creation 

We’ll either work together to create valuable, trustworthy content that your audience will love, or we’ll do it all for you, with the same outstanding results. 


If you want to upgrade at any stage, simply pay the difference. 

Where your money actually goes 

Ok, this isn’t a sales pitch so let’s get down to real talk, you want to know what tangible assets your money pays for. We believe in total transparency, so here’s some information to help you understand exactly what bang you’re getting for your buck. 

We’ve put countless hours, passion, knowledge, and funding into creating our own advanced quiz technology. But most of the cost of setting up your quiz goes on the outstanding people behind it. Their expertise is what underpins your quiz’s success. Let’s meet them: 

Relationship manager 

Your Relationship Manager leads the day-to-day progression of your quiz from concept to execution to launch and beyond. They are on hand to answer your questions, implement any changes you want and keep you updated at every stage of the process. 

Onboarding expert 

Providing guidance and education. Your Onboarding Expert works with you to create a quiz that is right for you and your target audience. They get you confidently navigating the platform, solve any technical issues you may have as you roll out your quiz and ensure the process is hassle free. 


Our copywriter will either edit your own writing, giving it that extra polish to take it to the next level. Or they will write your entire quiz from scratch, creating engaging questions, relatable answers, valuable feedback, a compelling video script and much more. The copywriter always emulates your brand voice and ensures the right messaging reaches your audience. 

Graphic designer 

Our graphic designer works within your own brand guidelines and assets to ensure your quiz fits in seamlessly with your unique visual communication style. They design your quiz materials professionally and beautifully, so you can be confident your audience will be inspired, informed, and captivated. 

Front end development team 

The tech wizards who make sure your audience have the best user experience. Using a mix of design, technology, and programming they implement your unique quiz content to ensure your quiz web pages appear exactly as you want them to. 

Backend development team 

Responsible for building and maintaining the technology that powers the quiz. This team are constantly testing and debugging to ensure the quiz meets the needs of both humans and search engines alike, helping to position you as the source of authority and trust within your industry. 

Video editor 

The video editor assembles the video footage and dialogue, adds sound effects, graphics, and special effects to deliver a high-quality final video product that showcases your skills, expertise, and unique offering to your audience in an effective and engaging format.  

To sum up 

We charge what we charge because we are a unique player in the quiz marketing space. We focus solely on developing assessment quizzes using our own proprietary technology that we are constantly innovating and developing.  

We have worked with over 700 businesses, large and small, from every sector. As such we have a wealth of experience that positions SMA Digital as the leading quiz maker.  

Hopefully we’ve given you enough information to enable you to decide if our price tag is worth it. To quote many a gameshow voiceover guy, the choice is yours. 

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