We are a premium quiz software solution company. 

Join over 700 businesses capturing qualified leads and improving conversions with our professional, highly personalised quiz software that drives real business growth.

“15,000+ New Qualified Leads and Revenue Up 80%”

Nicki Williams, HAPPY HORMONES

A Game Changer

“Each franchisee has their own personalised quiz which has enabled them to market our outsourcing services to prospects and to engage new clients.

I love the quiz so much that I invested in a second one to use when marketing to new franchisees.

The personalised reports are beautifully produced and branded up.

Working with Steve and the team was effortless. I really appreciated their input at every stage of the process.”


Attracts ideal prospects to you

Allows prospects to self-identify their key issues

Builds trust and shows you are the expert to help

Increases sales conversion rates

“This was the final piece of the jigsaw for our marketing, it was so simple and so effective.”

Will Polston, Mindset Business Coach

Unique Quiz Creation Process

Our 6 step process leads you to write a compelling quiz, showing prospects you are the trusted expert in your field.

Expert guidance

Even if your unsure about what your quiz should be.

Tailored to your business

Your wisdom, your knowledge and your offering.

“Not only did I create a quiz that people love, the process gave me the foundation of my entire online course!”

Samantha Lubanzu, Diversity & Inclusion

More Than Just Great Software

We take care of all design and technology for you, including:

Branding and designing your quiz and PDF report
Building your custom quiz
Connecting your quiz to your CRM
Editing your dynamic result videos

“Everything was explained in a way I could understand and I’m not a tech lover!”

Lisa Johnson, Business Strategist & Speaker

Dynamic & Intelligent Results To Build Trust

Ensure your prospects receive instant personalised feedback based on their answers.

Personalised Reports

With key areas of improvement and tips.

Personlised Videos

Based on a prospects’ answers.

“An easy non-salesy start to your sales funnel.”

Rory Sheppard, ActionCOACH

Advanced Segmentation

Dynamic Call-to-Action Variations

Automatic segmentation of prospects allows you to make different call-to-actions depending on the answers given. 

Straight Into Your CRM

Add prospects to different lists and/or tags, in order to personalise your follow ups and nurtuing process.

“Really useful insights into my ideal clients to inform my marketing and social content.”

Sara Price, actually Training & Consulting

How Well Do You Currently Attract and Convert Leads?

Discover the result your own Assessment Quiz could have for you and your business.


Business Owners

£3-5K + VAT

Done-for-you bespoke setup, plus monthly software licence & support.

Enterprise / Franchisors

Let’s talk!

“It’s brought in well over £100K in revenue”

Christine Nicholson, Business Mentor