Helping experts identify and convert prospects with high buying intent.

UK’s premier award-winning Assessment Quiz solution.

How well does your existing leads & sales pipeline identify and convert prospects?


Smart lead generation with segmentation and filtering of leads, allowing you/your team to spend more time with prospects who have strong buying intent.


Multiply conversion results of your existing marketing and pipeline efforts.


Accelerate marketing, sales and business development based on practical data.

What our clients say…

“I’ve loved working with Steve and SMA Digital.

Everything was explained in a way I could understand and I’m not a tech lover! It has got us some awesome results including building our list for what ended up being a £300k launch

We’re still using it and it continues to do really well 12 months later. Would definitely recommend.”

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Lisa Johnson, Business Strategist

“When it comes to generating high-quality targeted leads for a service business, the SMA Digital system is unique. We’ve been using it in our practice for several months now and highly recommend it.”

Rob Pickering, Senior Partner,
ActionCOACH Reading & Wokingham

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Qualify leads before you speak with them

Charlie Whyman, Curious Marketing
View The Curios Marketing Quiz here

“One of the best marketing decisions I’ve made was getting SMA Digital to do my quiz. This was the final piece of the jigsaw for our marketing, it was so simple and so effective.” 

See Will’s Quiz here.

Will Polston, Mindset Business Coach, Make It Happen

15,000+ New Qualified Leads and Revenue Up 80%

It’s a great way to help new clients come into our world in a warm way, and have already had well over 15K people fill it in. Yes that’s right, 15,000 people!

It’s now very much part of our marketing strategy resulting in being up 80% on last year already.  I can highly recommend SMA Digital for anyone wanting a quiz solution.”

Nicki Williams - Hormones Expert / Business Coach for Nutritionists

13 small, and 2 big sales from first x2 emails

“People are loving the quiz, its lead to 13 sales of the £47 product (which I am still shooting videos for today ha ha), and also I have had 2 sales for my bigger programme that starts in January….and this is just sharing it in a couple of emails.”

See Julie’s Quiz Here 

Julie Creffield, Business Coach for Tribe Building

Dual Benefit

Christine Nicholson, Business Mentor

View Christine’s Quiz

We’re able to reignite and re-engage lost leads

Michael Brook, CEO, Business Coach & Mentor, My Expertise Online
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Really Professional. Super Valuable for Discovery Calls.

“I’m really proud of it… and helps me to add value and show that I’m the expert.”

Emmie Faust, Growth Strategist
View Emmie’s Quiz here.

Unexpected Bonus

I anticipated generating new leads with my quiz. And I have.

What I didn’t expect was that the quiz would also give me really useful insights into my ideal clients to inform my marketing and social content.

For example, 85% of purpose-led entrepreneurs (my ideal clients) struggle with money mindset issues.

These insights and statistics have helped me to target my marketing more effectively and also given me pointers for new workshops, training courses and programmes to enhance my service to my clients. A brilliant bonus from my quiz!”

Sara Price, Founder of Actually, Communications Training & Coaching

How well does your existing leads & sales pipeline identify and convert prospects?

Features of the Assessment Quiz

We have created over 650+ Assessment Quizzes for training and coaching companies around the UK and globally. Our quizzes are customised to your needs, based on the result you are aiming for and the niche you serve.

Crafted For You

We guide you through our unique process to create a compelling quiz that empowers your prospects to self identify where they are at.

Your quiz will show your prospects that you are the trusted expert they need.

We design and create a bespoke quiz tailored to your business, your brand, your offering and your goals.


Intelligent Results

Every prospect who completes your quiz receives personalized results and feedback based on the answers they gave.

The quiz results ensure your prospect gets the right message at the right time, which builds trust and motivates them to take the next step with you as their guide.



Automate and Segment

  • The quiz is designed in a way that allows you to filter your prospects, ensuring your time is focused solely on developing great fitting, quality leads.
  • Automatic segmentation of prospects allows you to make different calls to action depending on the answers given.

Multiplies Your Marketing Efforts

  • Decrease your Facebook lead cost, while increasing the quality of leads.
  • Convert straight from your LinkedIn profile and outreach.
  • Re-engage with past leads and contacts.
  • Convert your Facebook group audience into your mailing list.
  • Convert listeners on Clubhouse.

Created by Steve Auchettl

Hi, I’m Steve and I’m the founder of SMA Digital.

Over the last 17 years my awesome team and I have worked with thousands of coaches, consultants, advisors and specialists like you to attract ideal clients into your world.

Are you ready to take your strong foundations, that you’ve worked so hard to build …to the highest levels?

“The ‘Assessment Quiz’ is fully adapted to be a complete, bespoke, premium service just for you…”

How we create your Assessment Quiz

1. Extract your wisdom and knowledge
  • We begin with a content kickoff call to turn your wisdom and knowledge into quiz content using a proven 10 step process.
  • The questions and answer options are constructed in a way that enables the prospect to;
    – Self identify their pain points,
    – Recognize how you can help 
    – Build up their trust in you.
2. Your bespoke quiz is edited, designed and built.

Our editors, copywriters and designers will then create your bespoke quiz for you and make sound on point which will include:

– Your unique branding.
– Dynamic PDF report showing personalized quiz results.
– Custom quiz landing page.
– Intelligent source tracking, so you know where your prospects are coming from.
– Intelligent calculator functionality – helping your prospects discover instantly the type of results you can help them achieve.
– Intelligent lead segmentation – only speak to prospects who fit your ideal criteria.
– Quiz connected to your calendar, website and CRM.

3. You're up and running! Let's get some quick wins....

We go live, start testing the waters, and then promote your new Intelligent Quiz.

Together we talk through what is the right marketing strategy for you, taking our experience and the successful actions of other coaches & consultants using their own quiz, to plan what steps you should take to get the maximum value as quickly and as easily as possible.

We provide you with:

  • An actionable checklist action-based, based on your goals and objectives, for the best ways to promote your quiz.
  • Resources, copy and paste templates and much more to make it happen as easily as possible.
4. Our talented team embark on 45 days of data busting, number crunching quiz optimisation done-for-you

Our team starts crunching the numbers and data for improvements

5. Our team of experts provide ongoing support for continued revenue acceleration

Using intelligent shortcuts and a dedicated Revenue Game, we enable you to harness the power of your quiz to achieve your goals.

How well does your existing leads & sales pipeline identify and convert prospects?