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The Hybrid Way: Best of Both Worlds

Our Hybrid solution is a digital lead generating solution designed specifically for coaches, consultants, trainers and speakers.

Instead of buying generic software and paying for expensive digital agency services, our hybrid solution combines niche blueprints with a done-for-you service, helping you really focus and understand your content and core offering, to gain higher-quality leads faster and successfully engage with potential clients.

In the background we take care of all the technology and build beautiful
custom-designed, results driven, quiz magnets and/or websites.

Our Hybrid Tools

Quality Lead Generation using Quizzes

1. Source tracking, smart in-depth visual results and CRM integrations.
2. Step-by-step content builder.
3. Design branding, integrations, super fast hosting and premium support, all taken care of for you!

Not sure if quizzes are the right lead generator for you?

Take our “Ready to Meet Your Future Leads” example quiz to see if you could engage and grow your business today:


Hassle free, template Websites

1. Customisable blueprints, ready for your content
2. Step-by-step website builder with helpful hints and tips.
3. SEO and E-Commerce enabled as standard.

"SMA Digital has provided us with a simple, efficient and comprehensive tool to build our company website. We were done in a couple of days only."

– Nicholas Demblans

A Few of our trusted customers

"Steve is a total gem to work with and I always highly recommend Steve and his team at SMA Digital."

– Emma Hammett

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