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Custom Assessments

We specialize in crafting custom assessments tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking to attract new clients or implement pricing calculators, our assessments provide invaluable insights and recommendations.

They’re designed to build trust and credibility, helping you achieve your business objectives effectively.

Examples of our Latest Custom Assessment Quiz Work

Which Online Business Path Quiz

Lisa Johnson’s personalised assessment process determines the most suitable course based on individual needs and preferences.

By inquiring about your primary motivating factors, it tailors feedback to provide a customised response, ensuring an optimal learning experience.

TimeGainer Quiz

This cutting-edge tool empowers users to uncover potential time gains through strategic time management. With advanced AI and team reporting functionalities, TimeGainer offers comprehensive analysis for individuals and teams alike.

Experience seamless setup and exploration with our full SaaS product, complete with a free trial for instant access.

T.A.C.S. App

This assessment is designed specifically for accountants, empowering them to effectively upsell advisory services.

Leveraging advanced AI technology in its feedback system, it provides tailored insights to optimise client interactions and maximize upselling opportunities.

6 Steps Scorecard

ActionCOACH’s assessment aligns with their 6-step system, enhanced by AI features in both the report and PDF formats.

An intriguing feature is its ability to automatically compare your scores with previous attempts if you retake the quiz, ensuring continuous improvement and progress tracking.

Money StoryTypes

This transformative tool is designed to unveil the intricacies of your relationship with money.

By exploring your unique Money StoryTypes™, you gain unparalleled insight into the underlying motivations and behaviors that shape your financial decisions.


HR Quiz

Welcome to our HR Quiz – the quick, insightful way to gauge your HR performance in just three minutes.

Discover where you excel and uncover opportunities for improvement, empowering you to optimize your HR practices effectively and efficiently.

Law Firm Profitable Growth Score

Discover your law firm’s ‘Profitable Growth’ score with this quiz.

Find out where you rank compared to similar-sized firms and uncover valuable insights to drive your firm’s success.

Make It Happen

Discover what type of business owner you are with our ‘Make it Happen’ quiz.

Uncover your next steps towards achieving more time, more money, and less stress in your entrepreneurial journey.

Next Level Assessment

Discover your business’s next level with the Next Level Assessment.

Get your personalised report to uncover your key focus area for boosting your business. Gain clarity and confidence in your direction today!

Would you like a Specialised Marketing Assessment for your franchise? We would love to chat.