Why choose SMA Digital over a DIY quiz tool? 

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Quiz marketing is powerful, simple, and effective for engaging your audience, generating leads and much more. There are many quiz tools available on the market right now and a lot of them offer a do-it-yourself (DIY) pay monthly subscription service.  

We want to explain how SMA Digital are different and why you might to work with us over a ‘cheaper’ DIY quiz tool. 

Expert guidance  

From the creation process through to promoting and optimising your quiz, working with the SMA team is effortless. If you’re unsure what your quiz should look like our expert guidance will help you come up with a meaningful concept. Whatever package you choose, we will have an input at every stage.  

We can either write a compelling, valuable quiz for you, or our six-step process will empower you to write it yourself, with our experts on hand to help, proofread and edit.  

DIY tools generally provide a template or form and it’s up to you to fill out the content. Some provide example questions you can select from if writing isn’t your strong point, but these may not always be relevant to your unique offering or your niche audience. 

Our personalised and bespoke approach involves working directly with us to create, manage and optimise a quiz that is perfectly tailored to you, your business and most importantly, your ideal client. 


Quiz marketing is often overlooked but it is one of the most efficient and cost-effective strategies available and should be part of any marketing plan. A quiz can be incredibly successful at generating warm, qualified leads that are highly likely to convert more quickly and boost your revenue.  

Because a quiz has potential to be your ultimate marketing tool, it’s worth the initial investment. If there’s an opportunity to pay a bit more to work with subject matter experts and get it absolutely on point first time, the benefits and time saved will more than counter the extra cost.  

Another consideration is that the cheaper options may not provide all the features and integrations that you need, meaning you could end up spending more money on extra tools to fill the gaps, ultimately spending more. SMA Digital sets you up with every functionality you could need to make your quiz marketing campaign a success.  

Visit our pricing page to see how much an SMA Digital quiz costs and exactly what you get for your money. 

Saving time 

Whichever package you choose, an SMA Digital quiz is ultimately going to save you more time than a DIY option. Why? Because we make sure the time you do invest is minimal and is used efficiently. Getting it right first time means little to no trial and error.  

DIY tools require you to not only write your own content, but also to upload all your images, logos, fonts etc to every section of the quiz as well selecting a lot of set up options. SMA Digital offer the same amount of choice, if not more, but we do the leg work for you. We write your content, or guide and advise you as you write it yourself, we build the webpages to match your own unique branding, we edit your videos and create engaging reports to delight your audience. 

While some DIY tools have knowledge bases, blogs and online help such as live chat, the face-to-face support and hands on service we offer means that if you have a problem you don’t have to waste time searching for answers and performing diagnostics. Instead, our team has your back, all you have to do is give your Relationship Manager a heads up and we’ll get it sorted, quickly. 

While we’re on the subject of time, its worth pointing out that doing it yourself doesn’t always mean it will get done on time. Other projects may have to take priority and there’s always a chance the quiz will get put on the back burner. With SMA Digital, you don’t have to worry about that, we work to your timescales and meet your deadlines so your quiz will be ready to launch when you want it. 


SMA Digital online quizzes get results, simple. We design and develop for you a best-in-class quiz that is aligned with your goals and KPIs. 

Your quiz will give you, not only thousands of leads but valuable insights into your ideal clients that informs your marketing and content strategy as a whole.  

Our tracking capabilities mean you can directly attribute sales to your quiz and measure the exact ROI, which for our clients has been over £100k within around 18 to 36 months of launching their quiz. Working with SMA Digital gives you the best chance of getting impactful results. 

Check out our case studies to find out more about the results you can achieve through quiz marketing. 

Building trust 

The most important function of any marketing strategy these days is to gain the trust of your target audience and that is what we focus on when building your quiz. The aim of the quiz is to set you up as the most trustworthy and authoritative adviser within your field. By providing your audience with valuable and thought-provoking feedback and offering solutions to their problems, your quiz positions you as the hero they need.  

We do this by deep diving into your wisdom, knowledge and expertise and getting to know your audience, what issues they have and how they think and talk about them. We then use our skills and technology to turn that into a powerful quiz designed specifically for your target audience.  


SMA Digital’s creations and software are more advanced than most DIY platforms, which typically use the same ‘one size fits all’ model. We are always pioneering new technology. Our innovative capabilities include dynamic personalised videos to accompany quiz results, which helps build trust. Also, our new benchmarking feature, which allows people to see how their score compares to others’ taking the quiz, giving them valuable data to reflect and act on.  

So, what’s it to be? 

Which is the better option? Working with experts who will do most or all the heavy lifting for you, bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience to the table or doing it all yourself?  

We’re all unique and each of us has our own ways of doing things. Our strengths, weaknesses and preferences are all different. How you prefer to work will have an impact on your decision. But, if you want a professional, functional, and high-converting quiz, doing it yourself probably isn’t the best option for you. The type of quiz that delivers thousands of warm leads, gives valuable insights and positions you as the trusted advisor in your industry can only be created by professionals. 

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