What’s in a Name? How to Write an Audience Grabbing Quiz Title.

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One of the many functions of the Assessment Quiz is that it forms a killer piece of marketing content. Like any piece of content, it needs an attention grabbing title.

A catchy title could be the difference between your quiz attracting tons of the prospects you’re after or it being a complete dud.

Who do you think you’re talking to?

Think about your niche when coming up with your title. Make sure the words you use are appropriate for them. 

A good title must be relatable to your niche. Ask yourself;

  • What do they want to know/have? 
  • What value is my quiz going to give them? 
  • What am I promising them? 
  • What will my quiz tell them?

Using emotive and descriptive language will get an emotional response from your prospects.

Leave them wanting more

A compelling title should spark the prospect’s curiosity. Take this one for example: 

‘Discover how confident you are should an accident happen! Do you have the skills, knowledge and confidence to help?’ 

It’s intriguing enough to make your prospects want to take the quiz and find the answer.

Solve a problem

Consider your niche’s core pain point, your title should tell them that you can fix it.

Use numbers

People love numbers, especially in titles. Numbers are familiar, safe and reliable. For example;

  • 80% of new businesses fail in the first 12 months. Take the 2 minute quiz to find how to be part of the 20% that thrive


Why struggle when you can cheat with online tools such as Portent’s Content Idea Generator, which allows you to enter your topic or keyword and it then auto generates a catchy title, goodbye creative block!

Overall, an audience grabbing title should speak directly to the part of the brain that cares.

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