The best example quiz for Accountants – The Business Freedom Score from Inca, powered by SMA Digital 

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Many accountancy firms share the same frustrations when it comes to growing their business. Common barriers include marketing, attracting the right clients and onboarding new ones. A bespoke quiz can help overcome all these barriers and more. 

In this article we’re going to demonstrate how SMA Digital helped award winning accountancy firm, Inca, better understand their target audience and attract more high converting leads. 

We’ll take a look at the quiz itself. Then we’ll delve into just why Inca decided to trust SMA Digital to build their quiz solution. We’ll then examine what the quiz solves for, how it benefits Inca’s prospects and what makes it stand out from the competition. 

The Quiz 

The quiz, titled The Business Freedom Score, tempts prospects to take part with the promise of discovering how they can gain more freedom and time, whilst also expanding and protecting their business, who could resist? 

The quiz concept was based on Inca’s three core areas for business freedom: 

  • Current – This refers to the prospect’s day-to-day record keeping, compliance, cash flow retention, and how they keep everything in order 
  • Future Growth – This comprises generating more profit, more success, and ultimately, more freedom 
  • Protection – This covers how clients and prospects can keep both their existing and future assets protected 

The quiz is free and only takes three minutes to complete. Quiz takers receive personalised feedback and a free, printable, shareable pdf report of their results, what they mean and practical tips for meeting their specific goals. These valuable resources empower quiz takers to start making positive changes straight away, with no investment or commitment.  

By providing this beneficial and personalised experience, Inca are able to gain trust before ever having interacted with a prospect. The highly specific and useful insights and advice the prospect gains set Inca up as a voice of authority within the accountancy industry. 

Why did Inca choose SMA Digital? 

Having worked with over 700 businesses across a vast and diverse range industries, SMA Digital are the leader in the quiz marketing space.  

So, when Inca decided to develop a tool that would enable them to attract new clients and upsell to existing ones by providing a way for them self-identify their need for accountancy services, they came to us. Inca knew that our experience, knowledge, and expertise of what makes a valuable and powerful quiz would achieve the results they wanted. 

What problems does the quiz solve? 

Amongst the biggest problems Accountants face when trying to grow their businesses are time constraints and attracting new clients. 

According to a recent study, 42% of accountants said that they struggle to manage competing demands on their time and would like a better work/life balance. Managing client relationships, finding and keeping staff, staying on top of legal regulations, and the day-to-day demands of running a busy accountancy firm all have a major impact on accountant’s ability to develop their business. Finding the time to attract new clients is a common challenge in the sector and one that Inca was facing. 

Referrals from happy clients and other businesses and firms are the main channels that enable accountants to attract new clients. But that means a lot of networking, which further compounds the lack of time problem. Another common barrier to growth that Inca were experiencing was attracting the wrong sort of clients. Unfortunately many new clients prove to be timewasters, and if they’re not identified early on, they can result in many wasted hours, work, and money. 

Inca are dedicated to providing a friendly and caring service designed specifically around the unique needs of the business or individual they are working with. The Business Freedom Score allows them understand more about their prospects right at the awareness/discovery stage of their journey with them. Furthermore, the quiz enables Inca to segment their ideal clients from those that won’t be a good fit, meaning they only invest their time into nurturing leads who are most likely to become longstanding, profitable clients. 

What do clients and prospects gain from the quiz? 

Through taking the quiz, prospects can quantify how their business is performing currently and what they need to do to improve. 

The questions encourage them to reflect on where their business is at, where they want it to be, and what might happen to it if certain situations should arise. They also investigate what key services and insurances the quiz taker may or may not have. Most of the questions are open ended, meaning there are no right or wrong answers. They offer a choice of three or four answer options written in informal, relatable first person language so it is easy and accessible for quiz takers to make an accurate response. There is also one optional open field question where quiz takers have the opportunity to share their priorities for their business over the coming years. We used branching logic to ensure the questions are relevant to the quiz taker’s previous answers, enhancing the personalisation of the experience. 

A standout feature of The Business Freedom Score is that Inca’s prospects and clients can see how competitive they are by benchmarking their score against the national average. The results page instantly shows them their overall percentage score, with an explanation of what it means and how it is affecting theirs and their business’s future. This is followed by a breakdown of how they scored in each core area. This is accompanied by a radar chart to grab their attention and help them understand the score breakdown more fully. 

As they scroll down the results page, quiz takers are shown detailed and personalised feedback on how they can improve in each core area to gain more business freedom.  

They also receive a personalised video explaining their score and feedback in each of the core areas. The videos are super engaging and help quiz takers understand the information more deeply. 

Finally, quiz takers receive a personalised call to action (CTA) that is pitched at the right level according to the answers they have provided. For example, if they scored below average the CTA will direct them to study the PDF report of their results that has been emailed to them to further identify potential ways to improve their business freedom score. 

What makes it better than the competition? 

Although there are many quizzes out there directed at accountants to help them discover things like what sort of accountant they are and how to improve their practice, The Business Freedom Score is the first free assessment tool of its kind in the industry. None of Inca’s competitors offer anything like this at the time of writing, and certainly not for free.  

The quiz is completely unique, and the result is that Inca are positioned as the trusted advisor and thought leader in the accountancy space. Their potential and existing clients receive instant value through discovering how they are currently performing and then being provided tailored advice and a specific plan for how they can get their time back and focus on growing their business and reaching their goals. 

Could a Specialised Marketing Assessment from SMA Digital help you? 

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