Specialised Marketing Assessments Pricing

We understand that when you’re looking at spending your budget on any new marketing tool, you need to know prices upfront.

That’s why at SMA Digital we believe that to help you make the right buying decision, we need to explain how our assessments are priced, in some detail.

What Pricing Options are available?

We believe in being transparent about costs from the get-go, so we’ve provided all our pricing below as a guide to what to expect.

We generally have two different types of services we offer, which is broken up into the following price options:

Pre-created & Templated Assessments.

Work with us to create your own unique assessment, based on either our carefully pre-created versions, or follow our proven template to create your own.

Typically between
£997 to £2,997 + VAT


Custom Assessments & Pricing Calculators.

Let our experienced team help develop something unique for you, from a lead generation marketing machine, through to complex pricing calculators.

Typically between
£3,000 to £5,000 + VAT


What’s Included?

At SMA digital, our passion is to solve your problems with our proprietary technology and our desire to make a difference. Investing in your own online assessment means you will be able to; 

Send the right message to the right prospect or client with dynamic calls-to-action
Automatically segment existing and new clients
Start building trust at the very first touchpoint
Drive traffic, generate more leads and increase revenue
Track, analyse and optimise quiz performance

Whichever you go for, when you invest in an SMA Digital assessment, we look after virtually everything for you from design through to helping you get your quiz in front of the people who matter to you most.

We do this whilst also keeping you firmly in the loop, especially when it comes to pricing.

What you get for your money?

Expert quiz advice from the leading quiz professionals.

We have created quizzes for over 800 companies from every industry imaginable.

We will create and design a quiz matched perfectly to your brand, your goals and most importantly, your customers.

We use best-in-class quiz technology to bring a flawless user experience to your customers.

Impeccable customer service.

Ongoing support, optimisation and learning opportunities.


Where your money goes?

Although we have spent countless hours creating our own advanced quiz and assessment software platform, and we can leverage this to help speed up the process, the majority of the set up cost goes towards our team’s expertise to help create the very best quiz just for you. This includes:

Relationship manager

Your Relationship Manager will lead the day-to-day progression of your quiz from concept to execution to launch and beyond. They will be on hand to answer any questions you have, implement any changes you want and keep you updated at every stage of the process.

Onboarding expert

Providing guidance and education. Your Onboarding Expert will work with you to create a quiz that is right for you and your target market. They will get you confidently navigating the platform, help solve any technical issues you may have as you roll out your quiz and ensure the process is hassle free.


The role of the copywriter depends on what package you go for. For example, if you were to go Done-With-You, your copywriter will either edit your own writing, giving it that extra polish to take it to the next level. If you go Done-For-You, they will write your entire quiz from scratch, creating engaging questions, relatable answers, valuable feedback, a compelling video script and much more. The copywriter will always emulate your brand voice and ensure the right messaging reaches your audience.

Graphic designer

The graphic designer will work within your own brand guidelines and assets to ensure your quiz fits in seamlessly with your unique visual communication style. They will design your quiz materials professionally and beautifully, so you can be confident your audience will be inspired, informed, and captivated.

Frontend development team

These are the wizards who make sure your audience have a top-notch user experience when taking your quiz. Put very simply, they make sure all the right buttons do all the right things. Using a mix of design, technology, and programming they implement your unique quiz content to ensure your quiz web pages appear exactly as you want them to.

Backend development team

Allowing your quiz to be as unique as you are, the quiz wouldn’t exist without this team of tech superstars! They are responsible for building and maintaining the technology that powers the quiz. They are constantly testing and debugging to ensure the quiz meets the needs of both humans and search engines alike, helping to position you as the source of authority and trust within your industry.

Video editor

The video editor assembles the video footage and dialogue, adds sound effects, graphics, and special effects to deliver a high-quality final video product that showcases your skills, expertise, and unique offering to your audience in an effective and engaging format.

Not Sure Which Pricing Option Is Best for You?

Frequently Asked Questions

Our case study and blog sections answer the questions we get asked the most on anything quiz related. Here are the most popular questions we get about pricing.

Why do I need an Specialised Marketing Assessment?

If you want to save time and money while maximising results, our very carefully crafted, highly sophisticated and intelligent quiz could be a great solution for you.

Is CRM connection included?

Yes, this is included in all our packages. All it takes is some basic information from you and some button pushing from us and you will be able to access all your data in one place, analysing your quiz campaign performance against your other marketing efforts.

Is branding and design included?

Yes, you can choose fully bespoke branding or choose from our professionally designed templates that will set you up for success.

Is content creation included?

Yes, your level of involvement depends on what add ons you choose. If this is something you enjoy, we’ll work together to create valuable, trustworthy content your audience will love. If it’s not your thing, we’ll do it all for you, with the same outstanding results.

Can we chat first?

Yes of course. Please book in a time here to speak directly with Natalie.

How long does it take to create an SMA Digital Quiz?

The average quiz is set up and live in 3-4 weeks.

Can I upgrade at a later stage?

Yes, we’re all about being agile and flexible, we believe that this the best way to realise ours and your quiz dreams. If you want to upgrade at any stage, simply pay the difference.

What is included in the monthly license fee?

Ongoing maintenance, improvements, and unlimited premium support.

What are the payment terms?

We offer either upfront payments, or we can spread the set up payment over a 3-month basis.

Who is SMA Digital?

We are a premium quiz software solution company based in Brighton, UK. Join over 800 businesses using professional and highly personalised quiz software that drives real business growth.

We believe every business deserves to leverage the power of digital, no matter how big or small or how tech savvy they may be. Our founder, Steve Auchettl is a seasoned digital marketing expert, internationally recognised quiz specialist, author, entrepreneur, Dad and coffee lover. 

We are a dedicated team, committed to the values and core philosophies Steve has instilled in us. We are determined to go the extra mile to earn our clients’ trust so they in turn can earn the trust of their own ideal customers.