The SMA Digital Difference  

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If you’re currently exploring online quiz options for your business, it’s important that you do your research and compare the best providers to find the right one for you. We’re confident that we stand out from our competitors and provide the best quiz solution to meet any business’s needs. So, in this article we’re going to explain exactly what it is that sets us apart from the rest. 

Our bespoke service 

From defining the aim of your quiz through to promoting it, analysing performance and optimising for the best results, we’re here to guide you through every step of your quiz journey.  

Our choice of quiz pricing packages gives you many options such as letting us write a compelling, valuable quiz for you. Or, using our six-step process, you can write your quiz yourself. But you’re never alone, our expert team will be on hand to support with proofreading, editing and anything else you come up against, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.   

Our personalised and bespoke approach involves working directly with you, one to one, to create, manage and enhance a quiz that is perfectly tailored to you, your business and most importantly, your ideal client.  

We know how important it is to gain the trust of your niche audience and that is our main focus when building your quiz. Our mission is to set you up as the most trustworthy and authoritative adviser within your field. By providing your audience with valuable feedback, and offering solutions to their problems, your quiz positions you as the hero they need.   

We take the time to deep dive into your wisdom, knowledge, and expertise. We go the extra mile to get to know your audience as well as you do. This allows us to understand how they think and talk about their challenges and goals. We then use our skills and technology to transform that knowledge into a powerful quiz designed specifically to give your target audience a highly personalised, unique, and valuable experience.   

Our advanced technology 

SMA Digital’s creations and software are more advanced than those of most other quiz platforms, which typically use the same ‘one size fits all’ model. Our innovative capabilities include dynamic, personalised videos to accompany quiz results, which helps build trust. Our benchmarking feature allows people to see how their score compares to others’ taking the quiz, giving them valuable data to reflect and act on.   

We use clever, intuitive devices such as expandable sections and ‘infotips’ or ‘tiptools’, whereby the user hovers over an icon to reveal further information. This creates a clean and enjoyable user experience. We ensure your clients get all the information they need in a digestible format, which avoids them becoming overwhelmed and confused. 

Our tracking capabilities mean you can directly attribute sales to your quiz and measure the exact return on investment in real time.  

Put simply, our technology is powerful and versatile, meaning we can come up with and build creative solutions and ideas to really make your quiz stand out and beat the competition. 

Our customisation capabilities  

Customisation is the name of the game in quiz marketing. With so much content out there, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to catch and keep their audience’s attention. Relevant, personalised, and interactive content is the way to make sure you stand out. Here are just some of the ways we can customise your quiz. 

Custom results 

Our scoring methodologies mean that your prospect’s results and feedback is based on the specific answers they gave during the quiz. This gives them personalised value that hooks them in and makes them more likely to convert into qualified leads. 

Customised PDF reports 

Adding further value to your prospect’s quiz experience, the PDF report is emailed directly to their inbox as soon as they submit their email address. The reports are based on their quiz responses and are highly personalised. They offer more elaborate content, tips, and calls to action. They are tailor made for each individual who takes your quiz.  

Custom calls to action 

Create multiple calls to action (CTA) and our technology will ensure that your quiz takers see the most appropriate message for wherever they are on their buying journey. We craft clear concise CTA’s that are designed to make sure your quiz taker takes the next step with you. Explore the power of custom CTAs further by reading our article ‘The best calls to action and why they work’

Custom results videos 

Include customised videos that allow you to talk directly to your prospect or client about their specific results. The videos are based on the quiz taker’s answers and create a highly personalised experience. This is a great way to build trust and ensure your message sticks. We support you to create your videos by providing scripts, guidance on production, and professional video editing. 

Branching logic  

Dynamically show questions that are dependent on the quiz taker’s previous answers. This makes your quiz better at engaging your prospects and clients by giving them a more personalised experience. 

Custom branding 

Every element of your quiz is designed to match your branding, your voice, your logos, fonts, colours, and anything else you need to make sure the quiz is a natural extension of your brand world, giving your prospects and clients a consistent, holistic experience. 

SMA Digital, powering your quiz solution 

At SMA Digital, we want to raise awareness and elevate education in the quiz marketing space to help businesses get the most from this easy and inexpensive solution. We believe a bespoke online quiz is the ultimate tool that can help any business achieve multiple goals from lead generation, to lead segmentation, to increasing engagement, to boosting website traffic, and more. 

At SMA Digital we provide a wide-ranging, bespoke service that has catered for over 700 businesses from all industries, facing many different challenges. Our clients have always found us to be the best fit for their needs and have returned to us time and again. We’d love to be the ones to provide you with your own online quiz, if you’d like to consider us, why not take our demo quiz today and find out what the SMA Digital difference can do for you.   

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