It’s Been a While! How to Re-Engage.

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You know how it goes, the ideal client pops into your world, you’re chatting, getting along like a house on fire, it all looks set to lead to a prosperous conversion, and then boom, they do a French exit on you!

It can be difficult to restart the conversation, especially if it’s been a while. Well, all is not lost, with a quiz of your own, you have the perfect excuse to reach back out and hook them in all over again.

A word of caution before jumping in on this one; Take your time to do this and don’t rush it, these situations can be delicate and need to be treated as such.

You want to ensure you are sending something that will blow their socks off so don’t jump the gun. Wait until you’ve had some initial feedback on your quiz and you have refined your questions. Don’t forget to have a seamless quiz follow up strategy in place too so you’re ready to pounce once they’ve submitted their quiz!

To help you get an idea of how to approach this, here is an example of an effective re-engagement email:

Hi {Enter the name of your object of desire here}.

I hope all is well with you?
{Pen a quick introduction to yourself here to remind them who you are why they were interested in the first place}

I’m checking in with you today to see if it’s good timing to help you to grow your business?

I have an online quiz that literally takes a few minutes to complete.  

It’ll really help {name a few of their pain points and goals here}.
There’s some simple multiple choice questions to click on, so it’s pretty straight forward.

Plus you’ll get a score at the end of it – along with suggested areas of improvement and some tips around {name a few of the nuggets of wisdom your quiz provides}

You’ll then be emailed a report containing the tips, and your score, to help you {enter the most pertinent outcomes they will want}

So, here’s the quiz to take, which will help get you started: Click Here

Best regards,{Your name}

This extra string to the quiz bow really is gold and can lead to extremely positive results, so it’s more than worth your time and careful consideration.

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