Are you an industry leader, academy or training centre?

Are you looking for a proven, recurring, income extra revenue stream, while dramatically benefiting your customer base?

Our partners and affiliates include:

Partnering With Us.

SMA Digital is committed to raising expert industry standards.

With over 16 years’ digital experience we have created our own high-quality digital products, targeting the expert industries to help every expert grow their own expert business.

Partnering with us offers more value to your customers while giving you the opportunity to have extra revenue streams without the hassle.

Our complete turn-key package gives you recurring revenue which fits with your company values and beliefs.


Solutions For Your Customers.

We give your customers real results that work for them.

We do this because we are the professionals at knowing what experts need to have on their websites to reflect their genius. 

Our proven lead generation quiz methodology is quick and easy for the customer, allowing them to start generating more leads, easily.

We like to make a great first impression and believe strongly in excellent customer service. and therefore care and look after our partners’ customers as if they were our own.

With our simple, proven methodology we have achieved real results for real people in both the professional and life coaching industries.


Opportunities For You.

We believe in hassle-free partnerships with minimal effort for you.

We support you from launching the product to providing resources relevant to your expert industry, as well as providing your customers with full technical support.

We become anonymous and fully part of your brand by co-branding or white labelling with us.

Affiliate partner options are also available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which markets are you in already?

We have achieved mass-market innovation in both life coaching and professional coaching industries.

Which target markets are best suited to your offering?

This includes but is not limited to areas such as; marketing consultants, social media gurus, health trainers, wellbeing therapists, speakers, authors and many more.

What types of partnerships do you offer?

You can become a white label partner, a co-branded partner, or an affiliate partner.

How much ROI can we expect to make as a company?

This will depend on the size of your client base and overall database. When we speak, we can run the numbers and give you an expected ROI, based on a number of factors.

Do we have to do all the marketing and promotions?

We have many different options to do the marketing and promotions either for you or with you. This can include but is not limited to email marketing copy, webinar presentations and landing pages.

I have a large database. Can SMA Digital handle the scale?

We have a worldwide team in place, along with a proven onboarding process, to be able to successfully and prompted fulfil large quantities of orders.

Chat with Steve Auchettl, founder of SMA Digital.

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