The Intelligent Quiz: Helping entrepreneurial experts find high-quality leads, build trust, and gain raving super fans!

What impact will The Intelligent Quiz have for you? 

“ This was the final piece of the jigsaw for our marketing, it was so simple and so effective.” 
Will Polston, Make It Happen

Our Mission: Help Entrepreneurs Gain More Quality Clients.

When scaling your company to the next level, finding quality clients who are the right fit for your business can be tough. There are so many different marketing methods people say to try. You can try this, that and the other – but more often than not, it ends up being a waste of time and money.

What you really want is just the result. Right? AKA a new quality client? A real result without the fluff?

This is what we set out to achieve; a single, simple to understand solution that delivers you the result.

We have now helped hundreds of experts, spent tens of thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of pounds perfecting a unique way to get you more quality clients every time.

The result = more quality leads, more quality appointments, and more high level sales.

The Numbers

Quizzes Created

Leads Generated

Sales Generated (£)

How do we help you get the result you want?

A combination of Intelligent Quiz creation, smart niche targeting, human touch points, LinkedIn, a (healthy) obsession with data analysis, and software to bring it all together.

Our quiz has got us some awesome results including building our list for what ended up being a £300k launch

We’re still using it and it continues to do really well 6 months later. Would definitely recommend.”

Lisa Johnson, Business Coach

Do you have what it takes to gain a constant flow of new quality clients to scale your business, right now?