Four ways a quiz can speed up your sales process and three top actions to propel leads into your funnel 

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Quizzes are great tool to engage your clients and attract new ones. Unlike static content such as a product catalogue, a website, an email or…ahem…an article for example, they turn your audience into active participants. Quizzes provide an interactive and personalised experience that enables your prospects to work out for themselves how and why they need your help. 

As well as being an amazing tool for driving engagement, a quiz can provide value to your business in many different ways, from creating brand awareness to targeting your niche. The data you gather from your quiz informs and optimises the rest of your marketing plan and your sales process, giving you incredible results.  

In this article we’re going to focus on how your quiz can drive your sales. We’ll set out the top four ways a quiz can accelerate your sales process. We’ll also share our top three key actions to turn your prospects into quiz leads and then supercharge them through your sales funnel to conversion. 

SMA Digital’s top four ways a quiz can speed up your sales process 

Your quiz is a multitool with many different functions, here are just four of the ways it can power your sales: 

  1. Gain more leads faster 

In a recent study by the content marketing institute on the use of interactive content, 77% of brands and marketers rated quizzes most effective of all content types in the early stages of the customer journey, specifically the awareness and discovery stage. Quizzes fuel opt-ins, when you offer people an incentive like receiving their results at a point when they are already emotionally invested having taken the quiz, the likelihood of them sharing their email with you increases exponentially. This is the best strategy to enable you to target, nurture and convert those leads faster. 

  1. Segment leads to target those most likely to convert 

Your quiz enables you to segment your leads into relevant personas or categories. For example, if you’re a coach and you work mainly with established and experienced business owners, you can ask how long they have owned their business. Anyone who responds with, say, five to ten years can go into the relevant category. This means you can focus your efforts on nurturing those leads who are going to be the best fit for your services and are more likely to convert quicker.  

Creating data driven personas can also inform your paid media campaigns. For example, if you wanted to launch a Facebook ad campaign, you can use your data gathered through your quiz to create lookalike audiences. This will enable you to prospect to a more profitable audience who fit your ideal client persona and will lead to higher conversion rates. 

  1. Collect data and personalise their experience with you 

According to Forbes, 59% of people say that personalisation influences their buying decision. Every single question in your quiz is designed to tell you something meaningful about your prospect, whether it’s their age, their job role or the first thing they do when they get up in the morning.  

All this information can be used to personalise your future interactions with that person. Let’s say for example, you sell haircare products and a group of prospects who have taken your quiz answer that they have dry hair. You can create a nurture campaign for those respondents with further information, tips and product suggestions about combatting dry hair. If a large enough portion of your audience give that answer, you can use that insight to inform your wider marketing plan by creating more content focused on the dreaded straw like locks, enabling you to upsell your products. 

  1. Ramp up your retargeting 

When someone takes your quiz, you get so much more than another email to add to your list. In fact, even if a prospect doesn’t share their details, you’re still able to retarget them with specific and personalised ads by using a tracking pixel. 

A tracking pixel is a snippet of code that is embedded on an advertiser or a brand’s website, email, display ad or other owned content such as a quiz. When someone visits that website, opens the email, clicks the ad, or takes the quiz, the code is processed by their browser. This allows brands and businesses to collect data such as what device and operating system the prospect is using and their IP address.  

Obtaining tracking pixel data means you can set up a retargeting campaign on Facebook or Instagram for example, where your quiz takers see paid ads based on their quiz answers and known interests. This means you can continuously engage with every quiz taker, whether it’s through ads, email, or social media. 

Top three key actions to turn quiz leads into loyal clients 

To get the most out of your quiz and ensure it will speed up your sales process there are three key actions you must do to set yourself up for success with your quiz.  

By implementing this process within your business operations and ensuring they are carried out consistently, you will see your quiz conversion rates skyrocket.  

  1. Before scheduling a sales call with a prospect who has come into your world through one of your existing marketing channels, you must proactively encourage them to take your quiz so that you can gather valuable information about them that will steer your call. So, if you gain a lead via social media, a referral, networking, speaking, an ad or PR activities, the first action you must take is to send them a link to your quiz. 
  1. Any quiz takers who complete the quiz but don’t take up your call to action must be contacted within 24 hours, by phone if possible. The purpose of this call is to set up a sales call. This may strike you as forward or pushy, but we have found this strategy alone to have the BIGGEST increase of quiz completions into a sales call. 
  1. Once a sales call is scheduled prepare by looking through the prospect’s quiz report and the answers they gave. This will help you understand their biggest challenges and what to focus on next, which will help guide the conversation and lead to a positive outcome.  

Your quiz is your superpower and if you follow these steps, it can be the foot on the gas pedal of your sales process. 

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