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Quiz Magnets

Bespoke quiz creations for coaches, consultants, therapists, trainers and business owners to attract and engage with high-quality leads who self-identify with your offering.

Consistently attracting quality leads into your business can be hard.

That’s where our Quiz Magnets come into play; bespoke quizzes and diagnostic tools for marketing, sales and lead generation, all tailored to help warm up prospects, gain better insights and always designed beautifully to fit your brand.

People love quizzes

Your quiz magnet is designed to be both fun and insightful for your audience.


Build leads you can nurture

Easily lead people to the next step, for example, book a call or join your webinar.

Warm up leads who are ready to buy

Your quiz magnet will help a lead self-identify that they need/want you!

Clients who have generated thousands of quality leads with our quizzes include:

Latest Case Studies

Because our quizzes have REAL results.

Client: First Aid for Life

Challenges: To have an engaging lead generation solution (lead magnet) to attract clients into their training company.

Result: After coming up with a quiz based on how confident someone is when it comes to first aid incidents, First Aid for Life has gained over 18,000+ people filling in their quiz and opting into their database in less than 6 months. CEO Emma Hammett mentions the quiz has “transformed my business”.

Demo: Hear from Emma Hammet speaking about her results

"Steve is a total gem to work with and I always highly recommend Steve and his team at SMA Digital."

– Emma Hammett, First Aid for Life

Client: Speaker Insight

Challenges: To help their expert clients (coaches, speakers and authors) self-identify where they are on their journey so that Speaker Insight can help guide them to their next stage as best as possible.

Result: A super user-friendly quiz where you click on the definition that defines you the most. Then at the end, you are presented with a different call to action and mini-video depending on the score you get to lead you onto the appropriate next step.

Demo: View the Expert Indicator quiz here

"The process was super simple and the methodology they use to guide you through the various steps to develop the quiz was slick, engaging and really very quick."

– Michelle Founder, ‎Carville Creative

Client: The Coaching Academy

Challenges: To filter out and attract the right people into their physical free yet incredibly valuable life coaching beginner course, and get a good balance between lead generation and sales insight.

Result: In it’s first few weeks of going live the quiz had hundreds of people opting in who really wanted to become life coaches, and have since gained over 900 entries with a huge 30.1% conversion rate.

Demo: View The Coaching Academy quiz here

"The engagement with potential clients is working really well for my business."

– Christine Lancaster CEO, The Profit Fixer

Client: Shaa Wasmund MBE

Challenges: To help promote and lead prospects into a launch of their online course program, so that potential clients can self-identify that they do actually want more freedom in their life and warm them up prior to their webinar to explain more.

Result: A bespoke quiz that matches their professional branding, that had a huge 31.6% conversion rate of entries. The quiz results page then drove 40.2% of these entries directly onto the next step, which in Shaa’s case, was an online webinar.

Demo: View Shaa’s freedom quiz here


Smart CRM Triggers based on scores
Not only can we connect the quiz to any CRM, we can trigger autoresponders, tags, action sets and more depend-ing on someone’s final score, lowest score, or highest score.

Bespoke Branding
We will take care of making sure all the colours and branding are bespoke for you.

Smart Results
A final score and an explanation about their unique score can be automatically generated on a results page.

Visual Results
A results page includes an interactive visual diagram to show where users are, and where they want to be.

Source Tracking
All our quizzes and diagnostic tools can track all the marketing efforts you do including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Analytics and much more.

Facebook Custom Audiences
Create custom audiences on Facebook advertising, which can be based on IF <>THEN rules.

Automatic PDF Report Generation
Your users are automatically emailed a detailed PDF report, including a full score breakdown and next steps, with full GDPR consent.

Online Entry Portal
View all your entries in one place, sort by results, dates and much more giving them a full 360 degree analysis helping you make smarter business decisions.

Your quiz can integrate with 1000+ services you already use, including:

Quiz Content Builder

Making It EASY to develop your perfect quiz topic, questions, answers and more.

As part of our service offering, we also have a unique process which helps you develop your ideal quiz content as easily as possible.

“It forces you to really think about your ideal client and what their pain points are.”
– Angela Furnival, Life Coach

“Just going through the process itself was incredibly useful”
– Helen Isacke, Trusted Coach Directory


Only £647 setup per quiz

Plus £15/month for unlimited entries & unlimited support*

Then only £5/month extra per extra quiz.

Includes UNLIMITED entries, super fast Google Cloud hosting, and UNLIMITED premium support.


Facebook Messenger Bot and other add-ons coming soon.


Why 4 short text answers, instead of rating-scale answers?

It’s a big part of why our quizzes work so well – instead of answering with a number with little emotional impact, the short text allows a person to self-identify where they are and become emotionally connected to the result you can help them with.

How do I come up with the questions? Is it hard?

Our unique, step-by-step Quiz Content Builder helps make it easy to come up with your perfect quiz questions, answers and more. We also offer free regular live webinar workshop sessions and if you ever need any extra assistance, we’re always happy to help.

Click here to listen to Emma Hammett from First Aid for Life and how she created her quiz questions.

How long does it take to create?

Once you complete our Quiz Content Builder,  you can expect to have your quiz live within 4-5 days.

Can I make changes to the quiz once it’s live?

Yes, we provide you with your own quiz portal to make simple changes, view all entries and more. Plus we’re on hand for any support needed.

How can I generate leads with them?

We provide our clients step-by-step tutorials based on real-life case studies (aka not just theory!) showing you how to market your quizzes and generate quality leads using Facebook ads, Linkedin, offline marketing, referrals from clients & more.

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