Financial Freedom Healthcheck PILOT

‘Non-salesy’ Upselling of Advisory Services

Thank you for your interest in our our pilot information.

We suggest you start by checking out our full pilot information pack here below, and then watch the short demo video of the initial mockup:

Or click here to view our PowerPoint Slides presentation which includes screenshots of the assessment mockup.


When does the pilot start?

Throughout October 2023 we will be engagin in 1-1 kickoff conversations with each firm owner.

When do I need to sign up by?

At the very latest by mid-night 31st October, 2023. We recommend you sign up as soon as possible to claim your place.

Do I have to record videos?

They are optional if you would like to. A lot of clients prefer to use our videos recorded by an actor or actress.

Are you in?

Claim your place in this pilot by following these steps:

  • Sign Up Here – Secure your spot for £1000 + VAT.

  • Book a Call – If you’d like to discuss the pilot further and ensure it’s an ideal fit for your firm, schedule a call with us.